Tuesday, October 02, 2007


It's a date at the Pit for the Moeller Crusaders and Elder Panthers this Friday. While the Crusaders have been looking very good over the course of the season, this game provides an opportunity for the Panthers to put themselves back on the map for the playoff hunt this season. Elder does not want to finish 0-3 in the GCL, they have a lot of pride and will be playing their absolute best this weekend. All signs point to a Big Moe victory, but in the GCL any team can win any given week. Since I didn't receive an option to renew my season tickets this year, there will be a scrambling for tickets.


Moeller Looking Good

I've been able to catch 2 games this year, Mission Viejo and LaSalle. Even though one was a loss, Moe looked good against a very good opponent. They absolutely dominated LaSalle on both sides of the ball. Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been busy looking for a job and will try to update more frequently in the near future. :)