Monday, August 28, 2006


As I have mentioned, there was not much positive to take away from last week's game against Lakota West. This week, the Crusaders take on an improving Middletown Middies (apologies for the indirect link, was unable to find an official page) squad, which barely lost to a good Hilliard Davidson team 26-35. My assessment of this game is that it will be close. Moeller is down, probably as down as I have seen the program, however they still have much talent. Middletown may be playing above their heads, and have to feel good about a close loss to a solid Columbus team. This, not unlike last week, is a must win game for the Crusaders. Not only that, I feel they have to win by a substantial margin to boost their collective confidence level heading into the truly difficult part of the schedule. This will be the first meeting between these teams since the playoff controversy of I believe 1990 (a very exciting game, that one was), when Middletown beat Moeller in the 1st round, only to have it discovered that an ineligible player had been on the field, forcing forfeits and tainting the Middies for the remainder of their short playoff run (I can't recall if they opted to not continue playing).

In summary, this one will likely be close. Moeller needs to win if they want to maintain any semblance of hope for avoiding a losing season.



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